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Edinburgh Backgreens Association receive grant of £49,154

“Over the past three years we have developed the community
backgreens model from a simple idea to an integrated solution to
greenspace regeneration and community development in tenement areas. 
Over the next three years we will be working towards implementing
this idea throughout Edinburgh as a self-sufficient community enterprise. 
The grant from the Scottish Community Foundation will provide
vital support during this period of transition.”
Greg Robertson, Initiative Director
Edinburgh Backgreens Association

The Edinburgh Community Backgreens Association have received a grant of £49,154 from the Scottish Community Foundation’s new Community Investment Programme.   

The Association, which was set up in 2005, is trying to improve the amenity and management of tenement backgreens in Edinburgh through its Edinburgh Community Backgreens Initiative. The Foundation grant of £49,154 will support the cost of creating a full-time Community Liaison Officer post for 2 years to assist with the development of this initiative greatly improving the model where residents co-operate to regenerate and make shared use of neglected and derelict tenement greens.    

The postholder will also play a key part in promoting the new Green Caretakers backgreens maintenance service to households around the sites, which is intended to generate an income for the organisation as well as ensure that the backgreens are maintained and further improved.  

The Foundation launched the new Community Investment programme with a call for proposals in March this year and recently selected the first eight recipients, including the Association.    

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