Spurness (Sanday) Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund
Important – please note deadlines below

This is a new (July 2007) charitable fund to benefit residents of Sanday, one of the Orkney Islands. 

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The fund is provided by Scottish and Southern Energy, the developer of the Spurness Windfarm. A minimum of £16,500 will be available annually plus a variable amount of additional funding related to the amount of energy generated by the wind farm each year. On average this chould take the annual total to around £25,000. The amount will rise in line with inflation and contributions will be made for 25 years, dating from December 2004.


Purpose of fund

Grants will be made to benefit people on Sanday by:

  • Building community capacity and fostering the sustainability of local initiatives
  • Increasing community involvement in local regeneration and development
  • Supporting the acquisition, development and use of community assets
  • Supporting skills development and non-profit making initiatives that will help lead to job creation and a diverse local economy
  • Fostering social networks and increasing community engagement with local organisations, activities and initiatives
  • Overcoming the barriers that can prevent disadvantaged or excluded members of the community from enjoying a high quality of life, particularly young people and the elderly
  • Involving local people in the sensitive and sustainable stewardship of the natural environment

Who can apply?

Groups or organisations working on Sanday that need funding to support projects or activities consistent with the above purposes may apply. Your group must have a constitution (governing document or set of rules) and be set up on a not-for-profit basis. You don't need to be a registered charity to apply.

Who makes the decisions?
Although the Scottish Community Foundation will receive and process applications, decisions about grants will be recommended by Sanday Community Council based on assessment reports provided to it by the Foundation.


How much can you apply for?

Initially, we are keen to be open to a wide range of needs and opportunities to make effective use of the funds. We expect to make a number of small grants up to £1,000, but will also consider requests for larger grants.


For the first year of the fund's operation, two types of grant will be available:


Small Grants: £250 - £1,000  

Applications should be submitted on a short Spurness Small Grants Application Form. There are no deadlines and decisions will usually be notified within 4 - 10 weeks.


Main Grants: over £1,000

Requests for more than £1,000 will first be considered as outline proposals. Proposals should be submitted using a short Spurness Main Grants Project Proposal Form.


There will be two deadlines for receipt of Main Grant proposals:

1st August 2007 (for August 07 meeting)

21st December 2007 (for February 08 meeting)


Proposals will be considered by Sanday Community Council to allow it to consider all current options for use of the Fund and to prioritise projects of greatest impact and benefit to the community. Selected proposals will be invited to complete a full application which will then be assessed by the Scottish Community Foundation before a final decision on any grant is made.


You should bear in mind the total amount available from the fund when submitting your proposal. Most main grants are expected to be up to £5,000, but if you need more, please tell us. The maximum request we will consider at this time is £50,000.

How do you apply?
Download one of the Spurness fund forms from this website: a Small Grants Application Form for requests of £250-£1,000 or a Main Grants Proposal Form for requests over £1,000, or contact us to request one.

Small Grant App & Guidelines

Small Grant Application & Guidelines

Main Grant Proposal Form & Guidelines

Spurness Main Grant Proposal Form & Guidelines

Spurness (Sanday) Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund