David Statt Memorial Fund


David Statt was a psychologist by trade with an MA(Hons) from the University of Glasgow and a PhD from the University of Michigan. As well as working as an academic in Britain and North America he was also a manager, consultant and trainer. He wrote several psychology dictionaries and his six books on psychology, management and consumer behaviour have been translated into ten languages.

When David died in 2006, his widow Judith decided to set up a memorial fund in his name to support educational projects based in Glasgow where he was born and in Edinburgh where he lived for many years.    

david statt photo
Where the support comes from  
The initial and most substantial gift to the Fund came from Judith but following the official launch of the fund on 24th August 2007, donations have been received from David’s family, friends and former colleagues.  

How Grants are made from the Fund
Grants are made to community organisations and charities working in education, particularly in Glasgow and Edinburgh.  Extra priority is given to young people.

You can make a contribution to this fund.

You can apply to Community Grants for a grant application, as this fund does not receive direct applications.

David Statt Memorial Fund