Drumderg Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund

Important - Please note deadlines below

This is a new (Dec 2007) charitable fund to benefit residents of Alyth and the Glens of Strathardle and Glenshee in Easter Perthshire.

The fund is provided by Scottish and Southern Energy, the developer of the Drumderg Wind Farm. The precise area of benefit is defined by the boundaries of the areas served by the two Community Councils of Mount Blair (which covers most of Strathardle and Glenshee) and Alyth. These are the two community council areas bordering the Drumderg Wind Farm site.

A minimum of £64,000 will be available annually plus a further amount linked to the output of the wind farm once it starts generating electricity. On average this could in future take the annual total to around £100,000. The amount will rise in line with inflation and contributions will be made for 25 years, dating from 2007.

Purpose of fund
Within the Alyth and Mount Blair areas, the Fund aims to promote community spirit and bring people together; enhance quality of life and promote people’s well-being; and foster vibrant sustainable communities. It will seek to do this by awarding grants that: 

o       Foster social networks and activities that support the growing number of older people in our community

o       Assist young people to maximise their potential and improve their life chances

o       Promote better relationships between different generations

o       Encourage healthy lifestyles and good mental health

o       Support the acquisition, development and use of new community assets, and maintain and enhance existing ones

o       Address the effects of rural isolation, improving access to services and improving transport options

o       Support skills development and non-profit making initiatives that will nurture a thriving and diverse local economy

o       Protect the environment and advance the area’s heritage; including involving local people in the sensitive and sustainable stewardship of the natural environment and participation in activities that promote sustainable development

o       Strengthen the ability of local people and groups to continue to meet their own needs and make a difference within and for their communities


Additional Criteria

Groups applying to the Fund must demonstrate that their project will further one or more of the purposes listed above. In addition, in order to ensure that the Fund achieves maximum benefits for the local communities, priority for grants will be given to projects that can demonstrate they also meet the following criteria:


  1. That other possible funding sources for the project have been explored and that the award of a grant from the Fund would help to lever-in additional resources.
  2. For local community groups applying to the Fund, that reasonable efforts have been made to raise money through their own local fundraising activities.
  3. That local suppliers will be used for the provision of goods and services, where appropriate.
  4. That consideration has been given to minimising the environmental impact of projects.

Who can apply?

Groups or organisations that need funding for projects that are consistent with the above purposes and provide public benefit to people living within the relevant area may apply. Your group must have a constitution (governing document or set of rules) and be set up on a not-for-profit basis. You don’t need to be a registered charity to apply.


Who makes the decisions?

Although the Foundation will receive and process applications for grants, it will work closely with an Advisory Panel made up of community councillors and other local representatives from both the Mount Blair and Alyth areas. The Advisory Panel will make recommendations about the grants to be awarded based on assessment reports provided to it by the Foundation.


How much can you apply for?

During the first year of the Fund’s operation, we expect to make a number of small grants up to £2,000, and also some up to £10,000. We will consider requests for larger grants where a strong case for support can be demonstrated, but do not expect to make any grant over £50,000.


Initially, we will expect grants to be spent within 12 months – i.e. supporting only one year’s costs. Requests for longer-term funding will only be considered in exceptional circumstances at this stage. However, we expect the Fund will make longer-term grants in future years.


How do you apply?

The Small and Main Grant Application form and guidelines can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. 

Small Grants: £250 - £2,000  

Applications should be submitted on a short Drumderg Small Grants Application Form. There are 4 deadlines (see below).


Main Grants: £2,000 – £10,000

Applications should be submitted using a Drumderg Main Grants Application Form. There are 4 deadlines (see below)


Larger Grants: over £10,000

Please contact us to discuss your project first. We will send you the appropriate application form, confirm the information we need in order to process your request and advise you on a timescale for receiving a decision.


Deadlines in 2008

For receipt of Small and Main Grant applications (up to £10,000) to the Drumderg Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund:


Application deadline

Decisions notified at the latest by:

11 February

4 April

6 May

1 July

28 July

3 Oct

27 October

24 Dec


If you wish to apply for more than £10,000, please contact us to discuss a timescale for your application.

Small Grant Application Form & Guidelines

Drumderg Small grants application form & guidelines

Main Grant Application Form & Guidelines

Drumderg Main Grants application form & guidelines

Drumderg Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund