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"Project Happy have been delighted to work with
such supportive and dedicated members of the
Scottish Community Foundation, their contribution
to our project has helped us develop and help many
children disadvantaged by parental imprisonment".

Samantha Gillan, Project Manager, Project Happy

Scottish Community Foundation grants are made to help improve the quality of life and life chances for the people of Scotland. Our work covers a wide range of social welfare and community development activities through a number of different grant programmes.

In this part of our website you can find detailed information about these programmes, how to apply and the assessment process. If you want to apply you can also download an application form.

However, before you continue there are a couple of points we should make clear. Most of our programmes make grants to groups or organisations rather than individuals. Your group must have a written constitution and a bank account in order to apply. It doesn’t need to be a registered charity, but, your group should be a non-profit organisation with charitable aims and objectives.

Finally, we only make grants which benefit people in Scotland.

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