Grants FAQ

These questions relate to our grants up to £5,000. If you have questions about the Fair Share Trust programme, please contact us at our Glasgow office.

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Can branches of national organisations apply?

Can religious organisations apply?

Can schools or local authority nurseries apply?

Can we apply to the Fair Share Trust programme?

Do we need to be a charity to apply?

Do you fund overseas trips?

How do you establish a group’s annual income?

Our organization had an income over £250,000 last year, but some of this was from large grants for short-term projects. Our core costs are less than £250,000. Can we still apply?

The project we are seeking funding for relates to one strand of our organisation’s activities. We have a separate budget for this which is less than £250,000 a year, although our organization’s combined income is larger than this. Can we apply?

We’ve just had to pay out for some unexpected costs. Can we apply for a grant to cover the expenditure we incurred?

What does 25% of a project’s total costs mean?

Applying for a grant
Can I apply for more than one grant at a time?

Can I apply on line through this website?

Can I fax or email my application?

Do I need to send you our accounts?

Do you acknowledge receipt of applications?

Where should I send my application?

After you've applied
How long will it be before I get a decision?

I haven’t heard anything since you acknowledged receiving my application - should I ring you to find out what’s happening?

We no longer need a grant. What should I do?

Will I be contacted for more information?

Can I apply again for the same thing which you have given us a grant for before?

I’ve had a grant from you before. How long must I wait before I can apply again?

My application was rejected. Can I reapply?

When you've received a grant
Do I need to send you a report?

How is the grant paid?

What if the project we needed the money for doesn’t come off?

What if we don’t spend the whole amount?

When do I have to spend the money?


Have a question that is not on the list?

What we can't fund

General guidelines for what we can't fund, for all grant programmes

Grants FAQ