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If you’ve received a grant from us, we’d like to know how your project went and what kind of a difference our money made.

Completion Report
You should have received a Completion Report form when we sent you the grant cheque. You should hang on to this until your project is completed. Then, fill it in and send it back to us.

If you’ve mislaid your Completion Report, you can download one from the bottom of this page. Completion reports should be sent to our Glasgow office.

Please note that it is a condition of your grant that you send us a Completion Report and we cannot accept another application from you for the same type of grant if we have not received it.

Tell us more!
We require all our grant holders to complete one of our own report forms so that we can compile standard information to help us monitor the effectiveness of our grants programmes.

However, we’d also like to receive other reports, evaluation reports, publications and photographs. In fact anything that helps to show how our grant has made a difference to your organisation and the people you work with.

This website and our publicity materials and reports regularly showcases examples of projects we’ve supported and in our publicity materials and reports. We might be able to put the spotlight on your group!

Please send photographs and other materials to our Glasgow office, quoting your grant reference number if possible. Alternatively, etc. to us.

Community Grants Completion Report

CG Completion Report

One City Trust Completion Report

OCT Completion Report

Sport Relief Completion Report
SR Completion Report

Women's Fund Completion Report
WFS Completion Report

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