"It is important for Scottish & Newcastle to be able to
reflect the charitable interests of its staff and customers.
With the Scottish Community Foundation's expertise we
have been able to reach all those small charities
and community groups which we are keen to support
and where we can make a real difference."

Richard Gibb, Corporate Affairs Director, Scottish & Newcastle

For companies starting a fund, the Scottish Community Foundation is a simple solution to managing community investment.Our role is to match the culture, resource and objectives of your company, all the time giving your community affairs staff control and flexibility.

There are two ways SCF can help. Firstly, you can choose to totally outsource your community investment. You tell us your criteria. We then match these with community needs, make the grant awards in your company name and monitor and report on their impact. This way, requests you receive for financial support from community organisations and charities are re-directed to SCF, allowing you to respond positively.

Alternatively SCF can work within your existing programme. For example, with our experience and expertise in grant application assessment we can provide the administrative function for your charity committee.

There are three types of funds that companies can set-up with the Scottish Community Foundation. The most commonly used is the Immediate Impact Fund, guaranteeing high visibility for your community support programme.

Types of funds
Immediate Impact Fund (Companies)

You choose a theme and / or geographic community and we match community projects’ needs to your company’s charitable wishes throughout the year. 

Foundation Account (Companies)

A charitable bank account which enables your company to manage regular or one-off giving.

Invested Fund (Companies)

We match community projects’ needs to your company’s charitable goals, awarding grants from the revenue of your invested fund. And we ensure the capital continues to grow and provide grant revenue forever.

Other opportunities
The Baxters’ Loch Ness Marathon and Festival of Running

Voted 2nd best UK running event in 2004 the marathon follows a spectacular route through stunning Highland scenery; the River Ness 10K and 5K complements the marathon.

The RBS Caledonian Challenge

Perhaps the most challenging, rewarding and fastest-growing outdoor endurance fundraising event of its kind. Walking 54 miles in 24 hours is no mean feat!

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